Water for Cleaning the Body – Cucumber, Lime and Mint

Water for Cleaning the Body – Cucumber, Lime and Mint
During the hot days is especially important to drink enough water and avoid beverages with added artificial taste enhancers and sugar.

The consumption of these beverages does not meet the needs for hydration and also contains a lot of calories that enlarge your weight. Ideally is to drink water and to add extra flavour you can use all kinds of fruit, vegetables and spices. This time I suggest one cool refreshments combination with properly cleaner body.
Excellent for those hot days. You can do it in the morning, leave covered in the fridge or add ice cubes and consumed throughout all day. One jar of 101.4 oz (3 litres) you can drink for the whole day, and satisfy your daily needs for fluids.


lime (or lemon),
leaves of one mint,
one cucumber.


To 101.4 oz (3 litres) of water go 2 limes (or lemons),
one leaves of mint  and
one large cucumber.

Cucumber and lime cut into thin slices, add mint and all together stir with greater spoon. While mixing, you can little push the lime and cucumber to start releasing juices before you add the water. Then add water and leave in the fridge for about an hour. Enjoy!

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