Vegetable Soup with Chicken

Vegetable Soup with Chicken

vegetable soup with chicken


1 small piece of chicken breast,

1 medium onion,

1 medium potato,

5.3 oz (150 grams) golden mix (carrots, corn, peas),

3.5 oz (100 grams) broccoli,

1 cube of soup,

1.3 oz (35 grams) noodles,

salt, necessary ground black pepper,

1 teaspoon mixed spice,

little dry parsley, oil.

For the pulp:

2 tablespoons flour,

3.4 oz (100ml) milk


Onion cut it finely and place in a pot on the fire to fry with 5 tablespoons oil, mixed spice, ground black pepper, dried parsley and a pinch of salt. Once you add the fried white meat cut up in small cubes. Cooked it until water will be missed. Then add the chopped peeled potatoes in small cubes and add the golden mix, broccoli and soup cube. Fry until slightly melted cube of broth.

Add 2 liters of water and put it on the fire to boil and add the noodles. When you cook vegetables and noodles in a plate put the flour with 100ml milk and mix until they make composition. You put the gruel into the soup and let to be boiled for 10 minutes , but mix temporary . After items will be ready,  remove it from the fire. Check whether you salted enough, if not add more salt if necessary and serve.

Good appetite …


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