Summer Cream with Peaches

Summer Cream with Peaches
Summer Cream with Peaches
As summer begins and comes very hot days, I start to avoid heavy-made cakes and pastries that need baking and preparing for a half days. The summer time is reserved for light desserts with refreshing fruits and some light cream. I need dessert that will be made very quickly and that is really simple. At home, I had the sweet and the sour cream and started with preparation. The cream was finished in less than 10 minutes. When the cream was cooled (it took about half an hour) it was ready to be served.


 One cream,
2 tablespoons sour cream,
a few drops of rum,
5 peaches.


First prepare the sweet cream, by whipping with a mixer. When the cream is firm, add the sour cream and a few drops of rum (rum does not have to be used, but I like the combination of taste). Stir little more all together with a mixer. Peel three peaches and cut into pieces. Add the cream and beat until the peaches are not mixed with cream. Leave the whipped cream in the fridge for cooling.

Serving: Serve in glasses and garnish with pieces of peach. If you want, at the bottom of the cup, put cookies or cupcakes. From this amount comes out 6 servings.


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