Spicy Chicken with Vegetables and Spaghetti in a wok

Spicy Chicken with Vegetables and Spaghetti in a wok
Everybody would recommend this recipe because after 45 minutes of simple preparation yields a fine meal

Time of preparation: 45 minutes, Easy

Ingredients for 4 people:

24.6 oz (700 g) chicken breast,
2 onions,
8 cherry tomatoes,
4 peppers,
2 zucchini,
17.6 oz (500 g) spaghetti,
little chili pepper,
salt and pepper,
several leaf parsley.


You must cut the chicken into strips. Put in a bowl and season with oil, salt, pepper and chili (optional for hot taste – I recommend a bit more because when you add vegetables and spaghetti will be very hot). It can be spiced with more spice to your own will, but there is no need. Slice all vegetables. Cut onions in smaller pieces, peppers (if possible in different colours) and zucchini into strips and mini tomatoes into quarters. Put the spaghetti to cook in water that is oiled and salted. Spaghetti cut in halves before putting into the water. Cook until pasta become soft. When the pasta is cooked strain and leave in the pot in which you will cook. After this, we put the pasta to cook (in the second pot), in the wok should put an onion to be stewed. Add salt to get soften. When the onion begins to soften immediately add pepper, a little salt. Add tomatoes and zuchini. Stir all together still 3-5 minutes until all get tender (it should remain slightly crunchy vegetables).

All vegetables put on the edge of wok and in the middle put the chicken. While the chicken is baking freely put a little chili. Bake the chicken until everything is ready (try to bake right) because if in this step is not baked, it is going to be difficult to bake in the next steps. Stir the vegetables from the edge of wok with chicken from the middle and bake it for another 1-2 minutes. Remove from wok all on one plate. In the empty wok insert cooked spaghetti for two minutes to pick up the smelt and flavour from the wok. Into spaghettis that are in a wok insert vegetables and chicken that we put on the plate. Let’s turn off (electricity) and chop finely parsley, add it and stir all together. After all these steps, we can only serve the meal.

Serving: We serve the meal in a wok while is still warm!


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