Soft and Juicy Rump Steak…

Soft and Juicy Rump Steak…
Every word is more than enough 

Time of preparation: 1 hour, easy

Ingredients for 2 people:

2 pieces of boneless rump steak,
thick approx 1.1 inches(3 cm)-1.5 inches(4 cm),
1 pc butter,
1 piece coarse salt,
1 piece big colorful pepper


Clean the rump steak from the skin and veins, for extra softness of the meat using coarse salt, cover rump steak with salt on all sides put enough salt because it is an important factor for tenderizer. Let stand max. 15-30 minutes depends on the thickness of the steak, this one is about 1.5 inches (4 cm) thick and approx 15min is enough. After the salt has done its’ role, rinse well the steak under cold water to clean the salt, and wrap it with a cloth to absorb excess water to be completely dry, let it be tempered at room temperature for about 1 hour. Rump steak before frying cover with oil on all sides, a pan heat on a maximum and no need to put oil on the pan, the temperature is also a key factor for meat caramelization to get a nice and tasty crust. When frying pan is well warmed, place rump steak on a pan and fry on each side for 2min 30sec. Rump steak does not rotate during baking. Toward the end add a little butter and pour with water the rump steak and bake the sites where it has not formed the crust but very briefly. Dispose the rump steak and let the meat rest for 5-6 minutes. Seasoning with ground large pepper or as you desire.

Serving: served, with a variety of side dishes with French fries and grill vegetables, variation of pepper sauces and something similar, I personally prefer grilled mushrooms with little salt and pepper and that’s it….


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