Quick Plasma Cake

Quick Plasma Cake
cake 2
Dad, happy birthday…


petit b biscuits,
some milk,
4 sour cream,
10.5 oz (300 g) of ground plasma,
7 oz (200 g) of powdered sugar,
4 bags of cream powder,
1 pack of whipped cream for decoration


On the tray line up two rows of petit biscuits soaked in milk. Separately whisk two bags cream with milk, add 4 sour cream, 7 oz (200 g) of powdered sugar and ground plasma. (a tablespoon of ground plasma put aside for decoration) All whisk together and place the filling over the biscuits. Then, whisk the remaining two bags of whipped cream and spread over the filling from plasma. With the remaining minced plasma sprinkle the cream and, if desired, whisk the cream  and decorate the cake.

Enjoy your meal.

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