Powerful Remedy To Treat Diabetes Naturally!

Powerful Remedy To Treat Diabetes Naturally!

Diabetes affects all ages, both male and female. To control the levels of blood sugar is one the most difficult things to do. It is a reason for many health issues nowadays. Some of them are kidney problems and deterioration of the nerves. Some people, in worst cases, face foot or leg amputation.

Researchers claim that Philippines are one of the countries with the greatest index of diabetic population. But, a doctor from the Philippines claims that he has found a homemade remedy that can control the levels of blood sugar very fast.

Dr. J. Dy-Liacco is a specialist in metabolic medicine. He claims, that all you need are just few ingredients that you may already have at your home and the remedy is done. He is 90 years old and he says that the sugar is not the main problem with this disease, like most people think. He performed many researchers and he says that if a person takes these minerals as should, there won’t be any issues with the blood sugar.

Needed ingredients:

-Twelve chili peppers;
-Two eggs;
-1/2 tsp. of marine salt;


Cut the peppers, crush them and then break the eggs and combine them with the chili. After that add the marine salt and stir the mixture so you can get a homogenous mixture.

Take it for several days and you will notice improvements. You will eliminate diabetes and you will be healthy again.

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