Omelet With Cheese

Omelet With Cheese
What’s the secret of a perfect omelet? How to become sufficiently baked, and remains¬†juicy enough? When eggs sprinkle with cheese, count for exactly 30 seconds and fold them. Tell us whether you achieve success!
Time of preparation: 20min and easy.

Ingredients:  for 1 person,

2 eggs,
1 tablespoon chopped herbs, (dill, parsley, chives),
Black pepper ground,
0.7 oz(20 g) butter,
1.7 oz (50 g) grated cheese


Eggs lightly beat with a whisk. Add herbs, Vegeta and pepper. In a pan heat the butter and pour in the eggs, turning the pan to cover the bottom mix. When the eggs along the edge are hard and soft in the center, evenly sprinkle it with cheese. Bake so for about 30 seconds. Then fold the edge of the omelet so to cover third surface.

Serving: You roll the omelet and serve on warmed plate with fresh tomatoes.

Advice: Instead of cheese Lou Palou, you can use Gruyere, Gouda or any other cheese that melts with heat treatment.

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