Meditation for drug addiction recovery

Meditation for drug addiction recovery

In most drug addicted city in America 2017 meditation is necessary if you have joined a rehab center Meditation is considered as an important component in drug addiction recovery because any successful recovery is related to the ability of an addict, his awareness, and his ability to maintain coping behavior. These behaviors work as reliable options. In addition, people often become victims of relapse because of which they face the destructive consequences. Therefore meditation ensures the right direction to the addict’s lifestyle. And not only that, it is consistent means of efficiency to combat all the challenges associated with addictionand it is helpful in maintaining focus despite the challenges of life.

Meditation for drug addiction recovery

There are different types of meditative exercises in meditation when you use all of these, you can easily guess which practice will work well in your drug addiction recovery. These include the following:

Breathing meditation: It is the act of focusing on the breath because the breath enters inside and gets out through the nose. This sensationhelps you in meditation and this is beneficial only when you will concentrate after excluding everything from themind. It has four forms and all have different advantages:

·         Alternate nostril breathing meditation-In this, every breath is taken through a different nostril. It provides relief from anxiety and stress.

·         Abdominal breathing meditation-The abdomen (stomach) is carried out in and out through breathing. With this help, the nervous system becomes calm and oxygen increases in the heart.

·         Lion’s breathing meditation- It is the act of breathing through the open mouth and the tongue gets out of the mouth. There comes some sound when taking outa breath. This breath improves circulation and offers relaxation.

·         Ujjayi breathing meditation- In this, long and deep breath is taken, which removes the problem of insomnia.

Muscle relaxation- This form of meditation provides relief from physical pain.

Mantra-based meditation-A word or phrase is pronounced repeatedly in it. It does not let your focus wander. And reduce the craving for drugs.

Movement meditation- Physical activities are included in it such as hiking, surfing, and yoga. It is helpful for both mental and physical improvements. Not only this, it prevents relapse also.

Benefits of meditation

Meditation is a practice that keeps the person sober that is most necessary at the time of recovery. It is believed that meditation is used in the form of holistic detoxification treatment. Because of this detox, psychological symptoms such as stress, anxiety, and insomnia go out. People can reduce their anxiety through meditation that occurs during the recovery or without drugs. Moreover, craving can be removed by using breathing. Body movement is able to reduce stress.

People who are suffering from chronic pain or addicted to prescription opiates, they need to be familiar with the benefits of meditation, because, with the help of it, they can observe that they are facing pain and are becoming addicted to prescription opiates also. Although it is human nature that people hate pain which is the main reason for increasing body pain and stress. If at that time we are able to calm the body and mind then the capacity increases to tolerate the pain.And they believe that now pain can be controlled.

Meditation helps you in many ways in which include benefits such as enhancing internal peace and spiritual awareness, improving mental state, reducing craving and helping prevent relapse. If you are in drug addiction recovery you can get various psychological and physical benefits through meditation such as:

Reduces blood pressure- Studies have shown that people who are experiencing problems such as hypertension during withdrawal symptoms, it can be balanced easily through meditation.

Pain reliever- People with constant meditation practice feel relief from pain. It works as a pain reliever.

Removing of insomnia and restlessness- Often people complain of insomnia and restlessness during addiction or recovery that they have to increase the dose of drugs to sleep but now they will not need it because it has been proved that meditation is helpful in increasing sleep and, as a result, you will feel comfortable.

Anxiety relief- In psychological problems, anxiety is the biggest problem to increase drug addiction. If it is redressed through meditation than drugs, then you will get positive results.

Improve immune system- The function of theimmune system can improve if you focus fully during practice.

Stress management- If you are suffering from stress then the good news is that the level of stress will decrease automatically as your level of meditation will increase.

In addition to all these, it has also come to know that long-term meditation is helpful in making a positive change in the brain structure and functioning. Increased gyrification or due to the formation of folds in the cerebral cortex, it accelerates information processing. Not only this, it has also been considered important in improving decision making and promoting memory formation.

In short, meditation is a risk-free and easier practice. By continuing, you can enjoy addiction-free life because it plays a key role in maintaining Sobriety.



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