Lean Cookies … Melting Moments

 Lean Cookies … Melting Moments

Sometimes this is often the rule for us … sometimes we tried probably simpler to do by ourselves…. but now we make complicated sweet meals and then we wonder why we are stressed … so here’s one suggestion for lean or fat days, or if you are in the timeless stage and you have to achieve sweets….

Time of preparation:30 minutes,  Easy


24.6 oz (700 g) Tea biscuits,
5.2 oz (150 g) margarine / butter,
14.1 oz (400 g) sugar powder,
little juice,
a little coconut.


Whisk first the butter / margarine, add powdered sugar and still more whisk. Prepare the juice, milk or a juice that you prefer to soak the biscuits. Soak the biscuits, connect them with the cream and roll in coconut.


They are ready to be served immediately. If the tea biscuits are still tougher, keep them a little bit longer soaked, but be careful not to overdo, and then fold them in a box until the next day be fine soften. Mine were just kindly soft so I soaked them very quickly and immediately put the filling … and we are ready for eating

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