Juice of Green Wheat

Juice of green wheat
wheat juice

1 cup organic wheat,
2 cups hot water.


Irreplaceable supplement in fighting malignant diseases, full of chlorophyll known as liquid oxygen, B17 and many enzymes, ideal for cleaning the lymph glands and blood! Many of folks-doctors charge for this recipe, so I came up with the idea to post just not to give a chance to those who wants to make money. The wheat place in refrigerator to stay for 24 hours. Then wash them with warm water and let to soak for 12 hours with 2 cups of water at room temperature, covered with a thin gauze. After this will puff up, still leaves 12-24 hours to begin to sprout. In a flower-pot you place about 4 cm ground and above the ground you place the sprouted wheat. Cover with a dark cloth and leave for another 3 days. Daily watering with water, not too much to be wet ground. After the third day open and still remains few days more to grow. The whole process takes 6 to 8 days.

The wheat you cut about 0.78 inch (2 cm) above the ground, wash and place in blender with several ice cubes (it helps to better chopped the grass) and 2 cups water. It is particularly important to be strained through gauze or droppers to take out the pulp which can burden the digestive system.

It is bottled in ice molds and freezing. Every morning consume  2 to 6 cubes depending on your body purification need for the period of 2 months, then pause.


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