Homemade Green Walnut Liqueur

Homemade Green Walnut Liquor

33.8 oz (1000 ml) of brandy,
7 green walnuts,
8.5 oz (250 ml) sugar,
1/2 lemon,
1 orange,
1 vanilla stick,
10 coffee beans.


Already 2 seasons I failed to prepare this aperitif because I always miss the time of green nuts. Maybe, now I will be the one that will present this recipe and you will be able to make it until next year (and maybe in colder places there is still time for it, so I present not yet completely finished. So as many who have been doing up to now have been satisfied and I just hope for the same result.

The preparation is best done in greater jar for easier mixing and filtered by the end. Who don’t have one, the glass bottle would be also fine. So, in the jar you should put the brandy, green nuts (some of the nuts you can cut on halves) and sugar. The prepared jar you left in the sun for 3 weeks. Every day or on several days you mix.

After 3 weeks, the content you filtered and return in the same jar, previously washed. Add peels of lemon and orange (grated or finely chopped), a little lemon juice and the juice of half an orange. Add coffee beans and vanilla stick (if you cannot find vanilla stick, put 5 packages vanilla sugar or vanilla flavor in this ratio). The jar you close again and let stay for another 2-3 weeks. At last the content filtered and throw over in a bottle. It is served cold.

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