Fruit “Salami” Recipe

Fruit “Salami” Recipe

2 large wafer crust,
7 oz (200 g) dried figs,
3.5 oz (100 grams) of dried plums,
3.5 oz (100 g) walnuts,
2 tablespoons apricot jam (or some else jam)
1 egg,
1 egg yolk,
3.5 oz (100 gr) sugar,
5.2 oz (150 gr) crumbled biscuits,
4.4 oz (125 gr )butter,
2 tablespoons cocoa


On a wet napkin put a wafer over it, again put the damp napkin and another wafer and above again damp napkin. Let stand while you prepare the filling.

Cut the figs, prunes and walnuts and in this mass, add the other ingredients. Apply the heat on the stove until it begins to boil. Remove from the heat and with the hot filling coat wet wafers and twist them into 2 rolls. Allow to cool, squeeze and then chop.

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