Fine Cookies from Walnuts

Fine Cookies from Walnuts
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There are many, but here I add my recipe that I got from the ancient 70s by my godmother, for me those are fantastic dried cookies with nuts from the ancient time!


10.5 oz (300 g) ground walnuts,
10.5 oz (300 g) sugar,
3 egg whites,
some water


Boil sugar with water and put water just to cover all the sugar and to be melted. Cook the sugar the same as you do for the sweets. Whisk 3 egg to make tight snow and when the sugar is cooked, pour it in a thin stream into the snow. Mix constantly with a blender. Half the mass of the eggs mix in the ground nuts. Mix well with a spatula and unite. Make a two-lane width of about 3.5 inches (9 cm)-3.9 inches (10 cm) thick fingers. Above the nuts pour the rest of the beaten egg whites.

Serving: Cut with a wet knife to form the cookies. Place them in a large shallow baking pan and put the baking paper in the bottom.

Note: every time wipe the knife with a wet cloth, not to stick for the mass. Dry in the oven for a couple of hours at a temperature around 250 ºF ( 120 ºC). It depends on your oven.

Bon appetite!


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