Enjoy in Italian Classical Risotto!

Enjoy in Italian classical risotto!
You will delight this meal very much, because it is something special and there are all kinds of connected ingredients that you would never connect, but here you certainly will! Time of preparation: 20 minutes.

Ingredients for 3 people:

1 onion,
1 teaspoon of sweet pepper powder,
1 teaspoon crushed dried basil,
1 beef or chicken dice soup,
7 oz (200 gr) mixed minced meat,
salt and pepper,
2 – 3 hands of rice,
1 teaspoon of mustard,
2 tablespoons cooking cream.

Onions finely chop and put into hot oil. Leave to simmer until get golden yellow colour and permanently add water. While onions simmer, add red pepper, basil and dice soup (if you don’t have a dice you can put spices). Hang up the cap and leave to simmer. While the onions simmer, further chop the meat with knife or by hands. Add the onion, when the onion gets colour, stir well and add salt and pepper.

Constantly add the water and leave on low heat, until the meat is done, and when it is, remove from the heat. Occasionally mix. While the meat and onions simmer, cook rice according to instructions. About two minutes before time remove the rice and put in the meat (in which has to be more water) to cook rice until the end. Stir and constantly add water not to stick to the bottom about five minutes more on low heat. Then add the mustard, then cream.

Serving: I put in risotto a little curry powder … simply because of the flavour and aroma. Serve while is still warm!


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