Dream of Strawberries

Dream of Strawberries

3 eggs,
10.5 oz (300gr) sugar,
6.7 oz (200ml) oil,
13.5 oz (400ml) milk (or water),
1 vanilla,
12.3 oz (350gr) flour,
1 tablespoon baking soda.

For the top:

17.7 oz (500gr) strawberries,
1 powder pudding of strawberry,
5-6 tablespoons sugar,
16.9 oz (500ml) water.

We beat the eggs with sugar and we add the vanilla. Once we beat the eggs nicely we will add butter, milk (water), flour, baking powder. We placed in oiled pan and bake at 392°F (200°C) about 20 minutes.

We wash strawberries, cut in pieces and arranged them on the top of the baked dough. We boil the pudding with pudding powder, sugar and water. While is still warm we pour over the dough and strawberries. We leave for a few hours to get tight. The best time to eat is the next day. The same cake can be made with other fruits of your choice. It is very juicy, crispy, all adore this cake. On the image below is made with banana, strawberries, kiwi and banana pudding.

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