Chocolate Sauce That You Will Adore

Chocolate Sauce That You Will Adore
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Don’t you want to have always at hand a thick, delicious and sweet chocolate sauce, which you can use for a variety of sweet dishes? No problem, you can do it yourself, here’s how.This sauce can be used overflow on the ice cream, fruit salads, and pancakes. It is denser than purchasing sauce, and rarer of the classic chocolate spreads therefor we can say that is simply perfect.

Necessary ingredients:

½ cup cocoa powder

2/3 cup cream for coffee

½ cup agave syrup or honey

Pinch of salt

1/2 teaspoon of the extract of vanilla

Mix the cocoa powder, cream for coffee, honey, and salt in a small saucepan then mix up with wire for whipping on stove, on a very low temperature until the mixture thickens and cocoa is fully dissolved, about three minutes. Remove from heat and add the vanilla.

Pour the sauce into clean jars, let it cool down to room temperature, cover and store into refrigerator.




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