Capri Cake – Recipe

Capri Cake
For the dough

9 egg whites,

18 tablespoons sugar,

1 tablespoon flour,

3.5 oz (100 grams) of crushed walnuts,

1 teaspoon Baking powder.

First cream:

300 grams sugar,

50 ml water,

500 grams cherries they could be frozen also,

2 bags of vanilla pudding,

1 bag of gelatin.

Second cream:

9 tablespoons water,

9 egg yolks,

6.5 oz (180 grams) of sugar,

8 tablespoons flour,

17 oz (500 ml) milk,

7 oz (200gr) of butter.


From these ingredients bake a great bark and divided into 3 parts and get roll or press 3 layers of 3 eggs in a pan of 10 inch (24 cm). The cake is suitable for decorating with fondant.

For the bark egg whites beat with gradually adding sugar to get a solid snow, flour, nuts and baking powder mix together and add the egg whites and mix manually with a spoon . The mixture is put in a pan lined with baking paper and bake 15 minutes at 356.ºF (180ºC), then reduced to 302.ºF (150ºC) and bake another 15 minutes. For the first cream, first water and sugar are put on fire to melt the sugar and add the cherries and boiled to soften. Pudding and water are mixed together add gelatin, tours with cherries and boil a bit to thicken around the filling and leave to cool.

Second cream:

The egg yolk mixed with sugar, with one part of the milk you mix the flour together with egg yolks  and sugar and boil the rest of the milk to get the cream filling. In the cooled filling, add the margarine.

Get ready bark and yellow filling and filling with cherries, though crust yellow filling, filling with cherries and ends with bark . Decoration is optional.

In my case with cherry cream was very strong and therefore for the second row I put this like the first one.

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