Birthday Party with Unusual Cake!

Birthday Party with Unusual Cake!
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Yesterday this cake was a hit at a birthday party of my niece Ana Mary. This recipe gave my sister in law from Split!

Ingredients Dough:

1.5 cups of cold milk,
1.5 cup sugar,
3 cups flour,
3 tablespoons oil,
1 baking powder,
3 tablespoons jam


0.8 oz (25 grams) of margarine,
0.7 oz (20 grams) of powdered sugar,
2 vanilla puddings,
25.3 oz (7.5 dl) milk,
2 vanilla sugar

Preparation “yogurt cups” Biscuit:

The above ingredients well mix and bake in a greased and floured sheet. Baked sponge cake cool and then cut into 5 equal strips and each cut again (you will get 10 strips). Each strip, cover with cream and the first twist into tube and the other around. Cover the cake with cream and decorate as desired.


In the milk cook the sugar and vanilla pudding. In lukewarm mixture add well made margarine and vanilla sugar.

Cut! Serve! Good appetite!


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