Birthday Cake with Raspberries!

Birthday Cake with Raspberries!
birthday cake
Here’s a cake which I prepared this year for my birthday for the first time, but certainly not the last. Otherwise I eat every cake but this definitely goes alongside Schiller and Schwarzwald . I have little more work around it but it is worth, it was delighted cream that was delicious, and the fruit can be used something else, as you desired I’ve decided to use raspberries since I prefer and was their season. I’m sorry I did not occur more pictures of cake, but we all could not wait to try and it disappeared for one minute ..

Ingredients for the Biscuit :

6 eggs,
0.3 oz (10 grams) sugar,
0.7 oz (20 grams) almonds,
2.6 oz  (75 grams) flour,
baking powder,
1 oz (30 grams) cocoa


4 egg yolks,
0.3 oz (10 grams) sugar,
1.7 oz (50 grams) density,
vanilla (sugar, extract or pods),
11.8 oz (350 ml) of milk,
3.5 oz  (10 dag) butter,
7 oz (20 dag) chocolate


0.5 oz (15 g) of chocolate (for the cake playpen),
0.7 oz (20 g) raspberries,
sweet whipped cream


  1. Preparation of biscuit is simple. First you need foam whisk eggs and sugar, then gradually add the other ingredients. Instead of almonds could be used, of course, walnuts or hazelnuts. Cake baking is 30 – 35 min at 356°F (180 °C), and after roasted and cooled, it needs to be cut into two parts.
  2. To prepare the cream first cook milk and vanilla (I used a Bourbon vanilla sugar). During that time, whisk eggs and sugar and add the cornstarch. The prepared mixture little by little starts to boil, pour the milk, stirring constantly with mixer. When we poured all the milk after a while, continue with mixing and, then the mixture back into the pan and cook for another minute or until thickened. Near the end of cooking add chocolate fractured cubes and mix until dissolved. Cover with foil and leave to cool. When the cream is well cooled, add whipped butter with a tablespoon of powdered sugar, whole cream once mix and allow to rest for a while, in the refrigerator, if necessary.
  3. When the biscuit and cream are finished and cooled, the next step is the sweetest part – setting up and decorating the cake . I’ve arrange by the following order : first the biscuit, then half of the cream, raspberries, part of biscuit, and the rest of the cream coat the entire cake, and the rest of the raspberries, whipped cream and decorate as you desire.
  4. I’ve made the cake playpen from a chocolate which preparation is not as complicated as it seems the only thing that is summer time and all is little solvent, otherwise will be quickly over. The cake playpen do by using baking paper cut so that it is 0.7 inches (2 cm) 1.1 inches (3 cm) higher than the cake and a width of exactly what the cake is. Melt chocolate with a bag decorate the work patterns on paper; I’ve turned out a bit thicker because it was too hot and chocolate was spilling. Playpen leave on the counter until chocolate is no longer liquid, but is still soft, and then, together with baking paper, wrap around the cake and place on cooling. It is not necessary to press the playpen, it will definitely stick to the cake. After a while, when chocolate is squeezed, carefully remove the paper and that’s it . You can decorate the cake differently of course, according to your wishes, I chose this way and I’m glad that I finally tried this kind of playpen of which I had phobia but it is really not so complicated .. chocolate is nicely squeezed and when you cut a piece of cake looks very effectively on a plate. I hope you will try this recipe, I loved it! …



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