BBQ Ribs from the Oven

BBQ Ribs from the Oven

A few weeks ago we were at our Helen, we celebrated the 7th birthday of our grandchildren Ellie… and Helen had prepared this meal, and we were surprised it was so moist and tender. I already had the ribs in the freezer and I said why not prepare for us … so you know, if you want to eat ribs and do not have a grill, or sometimes when it’s cold, prepare them in this way … it’s perfect when you have more people for lunch. I used to make roasted ribs in the oven, but not in this simple way.

Time of preparation: 4 hours, Easy

Ingredients for 6 people:

4.4 pounds (2 kg) meaty ribs,
12.6 oz (375 ml) BBQ sauce that you like most,
8.4 oz (250 ml) orange juice,
4.2 oz (125 ml) of hot sriracha sauce,
1 large or 2 small onions.


Wash the ribs, remove that thin membrane from the ribs and dry with a paper towel. In a pan put the ribs, you can put them all in one piece or cut into half. Onions cut into rings and put the meat (I connect mine with toothpicks, not to be skating over the meat. In greater bowl pour your favourite BBQ sauce, add the orange juice (as we like a bit spicy I added hot sauce, but you, if you do not have this sauce, put one full teaspoon chili spices or spicy minced smoked pepper) all combine well and pour over the onion (I’ve put the onion afterwards and then I was overflowing the sauce with a spoon) Take the foil and wrap the container and well tucked everywhere, nowhere to steam, if necessary, put several foils. Turn the oven to 302 °F (150°C) and bake at that temperature for 3 hours (if the ribs are thicker with more meat, bake longer) but did not reveal the meat.

After 3 hours baking on low temperature, uncover, increase the temperature to 365°F (185 °C) and bake another hour or on the half roasting turn the ribs. My Helen after this baking she grilled, but I didn’t. Remove ribs from the sauce in which they were baked, put on a hot plate, cover them with aluminium foil and let stand for another 15 minutes. Remove the fat from sauce from the baking pan, as much as you can, and serve with roasted ribs. Cut into pieces and serve hot.

Good appetite!!!!!

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